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Plancorp’s Chris Kerkhoff on Reimagining the Client Experience

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PlanCorp, a $5.1 billion RIA, has been one of the fastest-growing—and most focused—firms in the industry. Plancorp’s growth has been fueled by an incredible emphasis on the client experience and a commitment to enroll its expanding team in the company’s strategy and success.

In this episode of RIA Edge, Mark Bruno, Managing Director of Informa Wealth Management, talks with Plancorp CEO Chris Kerkhoff about the drivers of the company’s growth and the overall growth of one of the largest and most influential RIAs in the industry .

Specifically, Mark and Chris discuss:

  • PlanCorp’s organic and inorganic growth strategy – and how the two should complement each other
  • Benefits of expanding company equity ownership to more than 20 team members
  • Where Chris sees the most important opportunities to continue the growth of PlanCorp over the next several years
  • How has Chris seen the consultant-client dynamic change in recent years and how will it continue to evolve?

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