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Behind Naviplan’s Mission to Power the Financial Future

With a reputation as one of the leading financial software solutions providers in North America and the world, Naviplan provides solutions to help advisors and wealth firms as they help their clients tackle financial planning challenges.

“Naviplan’s platform is built on the industry’s most accurate calculation engine, allowing businesses to customize their services to any customer,” he says. “Solution is the goal-based financial planning platform for over 140,000 financial professionals worldwide, with features ranging from simple goal-based assessments to comprehensive cash flow planning analysis.”

According to Stitch, NaviPlan’s software claims to be one of the most trusted tools by five of the top six Canadian life insurance companies. He also says it is used by four of the top five Canadian banks in Canada, and has generated millions of financial plans each year around the world.

“We are proud to create essential tools for advisors and firms to provide their clients with quality advice as they navigate the financial complexities of life,” Stich says.

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