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How to make sticky micro-materials

The caution period is getting shorter. This is why formats such as reels, stories and shorts are becoming more and more popular. according to a study by microsoftPeople usually lose their focus after 8 quick seconds.

That’s why it’s important to embrace micro-content as a marketer, taking advantage of easy-to-use graphics and video to engage your audience. By doing so, you are playing into the hands of today’s digital consumer. They open their network of choice, scroll through, respond, then scroll through some more. They are not meant for long-form content or for redirecting to any other site.

However long format content is still very important, as it is a great source of micro content that we are recommending. Your articles, podcasts and longer videos are full of useful information. An article can be divided into two graphics, highlighting a notable statistic and an exceptional quote. One long format video can be the source of many short video snippets.

When creating subtle content, start by examining your long-form content and looking for extractable moments. Here is a list of questions we use when developing content for us Premium Social Content Clients,

  1. Are there any quotable moments?
  2. Do the stats stand out?
  3. Are there audio or video clips that can stand alone?
  4. Are there any relevant graphics or models?
  5. Are there any important takeaways to highlight?
  6. Are there any bloopers?
  7. Is there one that delivers the original message?
  8. Is the headline attractive in itself?
  9. Can this be turned into a simple list or checklist?
  10. Is there a short text blurb that can convey the core message?

Micro-content discards the idea that “clicks” on your website or landing page views are the only meaningful social media KPI. Instead, it focuses on consumption and mindful awareness. If you are consistently in their feed with high quality micro content, they learn who you are and have great ideas. Thereafter, they will consume your lengthy content and soon they will see you as a great source for financial advice.

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