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Scotiabank wants to get senior citizens talking money with their kids

CFEE research shows that 1 in 5 Canadian seniors never spoke to their adult children about their financial plans, despite nearly three quarters of respondents agreeing that such conversations are important.

“CFEE has been working closely with seniors for many years, helping them manage their money and financial affairs,” said CFEE President Gary Rabiore. “The topic of how to have meaningful money talks with adult children comes up often and we know that many seniors struggle with how to have those conversations.”

growing importance

The online resource is available in English and French and includes live and recorded insights with the tool and was launched on Wednesday with a virtual event including a panel discussion.

Seniors Minister Kamal Khera was among the panelists and said that educating and supporting seniors and their families with financial planning leads to better results, especially in uncertain times.

“In times of economic uncertainty, inter-generational financial planning is growing in importance, and we are proud to be working with CFEE to launch this new program that enhances the financial well-being and peace of mind of seniors and their families. Tries to strengthen,” he said. Ahmed Djani, Vice President and Senior Champion at Scotiabank.

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