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CFA Institute hopes to fuel the cultural transformation of the investment industry

The CFA Institute for the Investment Profession in the United States and Canada (DEI Code) The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Code is based on six metric-based principles that signatories would be expected to uphold:

  1. Pipeline: Expanding the diversified talent pipeline.
  2. Talent Acquisition: Designing, implementing and maintaining inclusive and equitable recruitment and onboarding practices.
  3. Promotion and Retention: Design, implement and maintain inclusive and equitable promotion and retention practices to reduce barriers to progress.
  4. Leadership: Using your position and voice to promote DEI in the investment industry and improve DEI outcomes. We will hold ourselves responsible for the progress of our firm.
  5. Impact: Using our role, position and voice to promote and enhance measurable DEI results in the investment industry.
  6. Measurement: Measuring and reporting on our progress in driving better DEI results within our firm. We will provide regular reporting on our firm’s DEI metrics to our senior management, our Board and the CFA Institute.

Signatories are also expected to prepare to accelerate and enhance their commitment to economic, business and ethical matters to diversity, equality and inclusion.

different meanings

The DEI code is being introduced first for Canada and the US, but will be expanded and reflect different regional meanings of diversity, equality, and inclusion and other sensitivities.

For example, in the Canadian investment industry, signatories will additionally commit to implementing the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada Call to Action #92 and adopting indigenous reconciliation.

Within two years of signing the DEI code, firms must have an approved DEI policy and statement, an established senior leadership ownership and oversight governance process, and an implementation plan to integrate DEI within the signatory organization’s people processes and policies. will have to report.

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