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Mercer Advisors Martin Lellis on Growth Through Talent Management

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As organizations grow, top-to-bottom employees need to be aligned and motivated appropriately – and recruiting new talent will be essential for driving and creating exponential growth.

In this episode of RIA Edge, Mark Bruno, Managing Director of Informa Wealth Management, talks with Martin Lellis, Chief Talent and Administrative Officer with Mercer Advisors, on human capital and talent management within the firm. Martin shares his broad views on the intense battle for talent in the RIA region, and dives into the evolving NextGen and G2 talent change.

In particular, Mark and Martin discuss:

  • The driving forces behind the demand for talent, and how Mercer sees the competitive landscape in the RIA region.
  • What is the role of talent acquisition in Mercer’s M&A strategy?
  • How firms are staffing today to support growth, manage and build
  • When thinking about NextGen and G2 talent, how is Mercer adapting to those conversations, and where are new talent pools emerging in the industry?
  • Talent acquisition plays a role in Mercer’s overall M&A strategy

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