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Former hedge fund manager gives shares in firm to social media users

Billions of users (styled with a lower case ‘a’, of course), are constantly encouraged to eat and shop. When they share these purchases on the platform, they are rewarded with US$1 which they cannot withdraw, but can donate to the more than 60 nonprofits supported by the company.

The company has donated $1.4 million to sustainability and social impact projects around the world since its launch.

While Dena has been a part of the platform since its launch in 2018, users will soon be able to use their dollars to buy shares in the company with plans for an IPO.

hedge fund for social media

Vikas Garg is the CEO of the company, which he launched after two decades in the financial services industry. He was an analyst at New York’s One Zero Capital, VP at Credit Suisse, and an alternative investment chief at Pension Fund of California, and managing director at Diemon Asia Capital.

“We are uniquely positioned as a social media and technology company built around shared values ​​that go beyond our employees and offices and encompass the values ​​of our members,” he explained. “As a community built around one mission, we want to break the mold of Silicon Valley founders who own and control companies without bearing any responsibility to their users and society.”

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