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How can you support more women entering the wealth industry?

While WorldSource is trying to turn Panorama by example, it also believes that 90% of women will, at some point in their lives, become the sole financial decision-makers. Many of them want to deal with female advisors who can speak their language and bring their holistic, relational skills to their clients, which reinforces the direction the financial advice industry is now taking.

“We retain and foster female employees who lead by example and provide strong mentoring, as well as provide soft skills: empathy, humility, and applying self-awareness,” said vice president of operations Jacqueline Rodney said. “I refer to them as emotionally intelligent leaders because, over the past ten years, we have shifted from a repetitive thinking to a more holistic approach.”

He said the leadership team sets the tone by building strong relationships with each other, customers and industry partners. It also works to become more cooperative, and to support and value the contributions of others. It values ​​professional development opportunities and networks for women in the financial planning industry, but also places women on its board, all of which encourage women.

“When I was researching the importance of mentoring. I’ve read that of companies that have at least 30% women on their boards, 40% of female employees in contact with senior mentors actually believe they are going to find themselves on the board. In companies that don’t have this female board representation, that number fell by almost half, to 21%,” Rodney said, adding that WorldSource employees and consultants will just have to look around to see progress and “it’s really possible.” to achieve oneself. ,

“We know we have to make a constant effort to turn the dial and increase the potential risk to them,” Nielsen said. That means sponsoring women in funding conferences, emphasizing counseling, and elevating women’s advocacy. WorldSource has increased female representation on its advisory councils, focused on building diversity programs, and collaborated with female partners.

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