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Have you told customers how the disability tax credit can benefit them?

Those who wish to apply for the Disability Tax Credit must fill out the T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate Form, which was updated on October 4 last year. It is now 16 pages long and requires several steps.

The first is that a physician – a doctor – must certify that the person for whom the client is requesting credit has a serious and prolonged impairment.

“Eligibility is not necessarily based on the medical condition, but on the effects of the condition, such as you not being able to be alone and take care of yourself. Therefore, it has to be at a certain severity,” Cabral said, adding that The reason is that the doctor who knows about the person’s condition needs to attest to it and state when it started and how long it is expected to continue. This could be for a short time or for the rest of life. Is.

Customers should then photocopy the form and submit the original to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which will assess and respond to the request. CRA can either approve or reject it. If the CRA approves it, it will mention the period for which the person is eligible for it. This could mean that it could be applied to taxes from previous years. But, it can also mean that there is an expiration date when the credit is no longer applicable. In this case the person will have to fill out a new form from the doctor and then send it to the CRA for review again, if it is still needed.

If denied, the customer can appeal against the decision of the CRA, as long as it is within 90 days of the receipt of the notice.

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