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Strategist says Ukraine crisis is driving oil to third biggest growth in 50 years

Bitcoin and other cryptos initially fell at the start of the war, but began to climb again.

“This most likely reflects bitcoin’s ability to bypass economic sanctions and allow users to transact across borders regardless of restrictions. While other cryptocurrencies are capable of this, as well, we believe.” ​—Bitcoin has benefited from its relatively more established infrastructure, greater acceptance and higher profile,” she said. “Ukraine is also receiving donations in bitcoin.”

While there has been a short-term increase in military, medical and humanitarian aid spending, Hopper said military spending could increase in the long term, especially in Europe. It depends on how it will be financed and how it will affect savings. Meanwhile, spending power is decreasing in energy consuming countries and increasing in energy producing countries.

“Promoting fiscal spending could prove to be more important to global economies than anything central banks have done,” Hopper said, adding that this is not the time to give up on long-term stocks. But, it is time to diversify well across asset classes and within asset classes, including options such as commodities.

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