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Advisory Innovation Podcast: Colin Falls of GeoWealth

Sponsored by LPL Financial

In this episode, David Armstrong is joined by GeoWealth President Colin Falls on the firm’s growth path, what it means for RIAs to be an “advisory-driven” turnkey asset management platform, and how technology can ease tensions between RIAs. Model portfolio and optimized investment management, and what the company’s recent capital raises mean for the future of GeoWealth.

Colin discusses:

  • The history of GeoWealth, how it launched as a family office-backed tech platform that acquired RIA to develop its technology in real-time, and where Falls now sees the firm in the larger ecosystem of advisory technology .
  • The never-ending arms race in digital product development and engineering, and how GeoWealth’s recent capital increase will be deployed.
  • How technology is making optimized model portfolios for small RIAs a scalable proposition.
  • Geowealth research, which shows the benefits of outsourcing investment management over the growth of RIAs.
  • A brief preview of GeoWealth’s upcoming tax-focused technology integration announcement.
  • How he sees that ESG and Direct Indexing is affecting the future of investment management for RIAs and the trajectory of GeoWealth.
  • His background includes playing professional basketball in Italy and Eastern Europe, and thoughts on the conflict in Ukraine.

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