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Asset Management 2030 Report Claims May Not Be Identifiable

The report states that by 2030, one-fifth of investment flows will enter cross-border investments, making it difficult to run global enterprises.

The report said domestic equities, fixed income and alternative markets will attract nearly US$20 trillion in net new money, nearly four times more than the $4.5 trillion in net inflows into their international counterparts over the same period.

It also calculates that the share of local versus cross-border investments will increase from 74% in 2021 to 85% by 2030.

retail investors dominate

According to the report, there is another big change ahead.

Research by IndiFi shows that individual retail investors had 52% of global assets under management (AUM) in 2021, but are projected to hold 61% of the $175 trillion AUM by 2030. Over the same period, the share of AUM held by institutional investors is expected to come down from 31 per cent to 26 per cent.

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