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How can more women consultants help the industry?

According to Macmillan, money management business is a “data collection” process of asking questions and getting to know people’s lives. Another aspect of this is to explore the dreams, hopes and goals of the customer, he added. The end product should be “an amazing wealth plan” that provides people with a road map to get where they want to be.

“Wealth plan is the living entity that is changing forever,” she said. “So, we are working hand in hand with people. We are hearing about their lives. We are their valuable companions.”

While there have been some past efforts to maximize the potential contribution of women in the industry – Macmillan cites a 2008 survey by CFP that led to solutions and action plans – she says things have not changed. But moving the needle on gender representation, she said, doesn’t have to be so complicated.

“Here’s what we need: Women need a little more protection,” she said, sharing her experience. “That’s how I started thirty years ago. I just had a little bit of financial security and was offered some good mentors. That’s all we need. We just need support and we’re on flight.”

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