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Instagram stats for 2022 you need to know

When starting the new year for marketing, it’s always a good idea to take a look at how Instagram stats change.

In 2021, Instagram introduced several new features and upgraded existing features. New features mean new stats, which means you may need to update your Instagram marketing strategy.

To make it easier for you to sort, we’ve categorized Instagram stats.

  • Instagram user and usage statistics
  • Instagram Content Stats
  • instagram ad stats
  • Instagram stats for brands

Instagram user and usage statistics

Instagram’s popularity is not going to go away anytime soon. These IG user statistics will reinforce your brand’s decision to use the network as a marketing channel.

Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users

In June 2018, Meta stopped reporting Instagram usage when it reached one billion active users. In late 2021, CNBC reported that the social network reached the two billion monthly active user benchmark.

Instagram was the most downloaded app in the fourth quarter of 2021

Instagram jumped four places from number five to most downloaded app in the fourth quarter of 2021, surpassing TikTok. The social network had its best quarter since 2014.

17.9% of global IG users are men aged 18-24

In terms of social media demographics, more than half of the global Instagram users are Age 34 years or less, The largest age group is 18-34 years old, comprising 62.2% of all users.

Statistics: Worldwide distribution of Instagram users by age and gender as of October 2021.  statista

In the US teen population, Instagram in third place In the favorite social network behind Snapchat and TikTok. It might not be the favorite app among teenagers but a good chunk of them are still on it.

social media demo

According to the Pew Research Center, user pay categories are somewhat evenly distributed. Forty-seven percent of American adults earning more than $75k say they have used Instagram. This number is important for brands that want to take advantage of Instagram’s ads and shopping features.

59% of Instagram users log in daily

The Pew Research report also shows how often account holders use Instagram.

Instagram User Daily Visits

About six in ten US adult IG users log in at least once a day, while 38% will do so several times a day. Having users who are active in this is great news for brands. Create engaging posts to stay relevant with your fans.

key takeaways

  • Instagram’s app popularity is still on the rise so remember to optimize your content for mobile use.
  • The users of the network are very active with a significant number of people logging in several times a day.
  • Although it is not the most preferred app for American teens, Gen Z and Millennials are the majority users.

Instagram Content Stats

With a wide selection of content types to choose from, it is good to know which ones are preferred by users.

Average engagement rate per post is 0.98%

Does it look like your post is not getting the same interaction as before? You are not imagining things.

IG England Rate

RivalIQ’s benchmark report in 2021 states that Instagram engagement rates have dropped by 25%. The median across all industries is now 0.98%. For influencers, however, the engagement rate per post is much higher, at 1.42%. This rate is much higher than Facebook (0.19%) and Twitter (0.04%).

Carousel posts have the highest engagement rate per impression

There are several feed post types available to you: carousel, video, and image. If your strategy is to use all three, how do you know which one to focus more on?

Average engagement rate by impression

Let’s start with the average engagement rate per impression. SocialInsider found that the carousel type is the winner for each account size. This is worth noting if you have a small account. Accounts with less than 5000 followers have the highest engagement rate per impression (8.01% for carousel posts).

Retention rate by number of stories

But what about the stories? You should post up to five stories in a day. Doing so ensures that your retention rate exceeds 70%. This tells us what type of story you should post.

91% of active IG users watch weekly videos

In Stories, you have the option of posting image or video content. For accounts with less than 100k followers, image content surpasses video content for story reach. This study shows that brands should pay more attention to the images in their story content.

Instagram story reaches by type of content

However, those are just story statistics. If you’re watching videos in general, 91% of active users watch videos on IG weekly, so it’s important to have a video marketing strategy.

content type

Based on the Sprouts Social Index, Version XVII: Accelerating Data, 54% of marketers found video to be the most valuable content format for achieving their social media goals. Another study found that 68% of video marketers plan to incorporate Instagram video into their video marketing strategy by 2022, a 10% increase from the previous year. Don’t be the brand that gets left behind.

Tuesday is the best day to post on Instagram

The Best Time to Post on Instagram, According to Sprout’s Analysis Tuesday to 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Monday to Friday 11 a.m., Sunday is the worst day to post.

instagram engagement heatmap

key takeaways

  • Instagram Stories are still popular. Get up to speed on best practices.
  • Instagram organic engagement dropped significantly. If you’re not already doing so, schedule your content for maximum engagement.
  • There are several ways to post videos on the network. With new features being introduced all the time, you need a video marketing strategy.

instagram ad stats

Are you trying to convince higher management to increase your Instagram ad spend? Here’s some data to help you make your case.

50% of Instagram users visit a website after viewing it in Stories

It’s hard to choose where you want to place your IG ads. If your goal is to drive action on your website, you’re in luck. Instagram found that “50% of Instagrammers have visited a website to purchase a product/service as a result of viewing in Stories.” To make it easier for consumers to visit your website, add a product tag to the post.

Using product tags increases product page visits

Over the years, Instagram has shifted its feature focus to create a better consumer shopping experience. Adding product tags to at least five posts a month increases product page visits and purchases.

The same study found that adding a product as a mention in a feed caption tripled product detail page views than simply tagging the feed.

Average IG CPC $1.23 . Is

The average Instagram cost per click (CPC) in the US is $1.23. This cost varies according to the purpose of the campaign and the time of year. In February 2022, the objective CPC of the Video Views campaign was $4.33 while the Catalog Sales CPC was $0.383.

Instagram CPC for campaign purpose

When planning your advertising campaigns, campaign objectives matter. For some purposes, if the CPC is too high for your budget, it may be better for you to plan the ad for a different month.

93% of marketers plan to use Instagram for influencer marketing

The influencer marketing industry is still growing. A survey found that 93% of marketers and agencies plan to use Instagram. When broken down into types, 83% named Instagram Stories and 36% named Instagram Reels.

Most popular social media for influencer marketing

When you find the right creator with a partner, both parties benefit. It has been found to be 25% more relevant for Natural Fit users. Instagram makes it easy to showcase partnerships with branded content tags. And when you combine branded content ads with a branded ad, you’re 90% more likely to take a cost-effective action than either strategy individually.

key takeaways

  • Tag products wherever you can and tag again and again.
  • Consider using branded content ads alongside your normal brand ads.
  • Using Instagram advertising is a great way to counteract declining engagement rates.

Instagram stats for brands

Use Sprout’s social analytics reports and usage statistics below to benchmark your brand’s performance.

90% of Instagram users follow a brand

According to Instagram, 90% of people follow a brand on the social network. But since there are over 200 million business accounts on the network, you’ll need to get creative with your content.

70% of shoppers look to Instagram for their next purchase

Research from Instagram shows that 70% of shoppers use the network to research their next purchase. Along with ads, Instagram is a great place for a brand awareness campaign.

75% of brand posts are single images

According to the Sprouts Content Benchmark report, single-image posts make up 75% of a brand’s posts. But when marketers were asked which types are most valuable for achieving goals, 54% said video and 53% said images. This discrepancy means there is still room for marketers to improve their content types.

Content types published by brands on social platforms

key takeaways

Which IG stat is most important to you?

Oh, that was a lot of numbers. Was any of them standing in front of you?

Instagram usage and growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Brands need to stay on top of the latest statistics and trends to stay relevant. Use these statistics to round out your Instagram marketing strategy.

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