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Intentional Evolution Vs. Price, interest rate hike and decarbonization

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Recently, growth-oriented areas of the market have sold out, and the price seems to be back in favor – a considerable change from what has been happening over the years. Is this the great rotation of value that some investors are calling? Interest rate hikes are clearly on the horizon, and now the only question is how many and by how much – so where do long-term rates go from here? Too many investors looking for returns are turning to attractive-looking options in a rising rate environment, and short-term bonds in anticipation of a rise in interest rates – is this the right game in today’s market? Decarbonization seems to be the word of the day, and every company is talking about it – but is the global economy really moving towards a net-zero mandate for carbon? And what does this mean for the market and for investors?

Join David Armstrong, Executive Director, Content and User Engagement,, and Peter Essele, Vice President of Investment Management and Research at Commonwealth Financial Network, as they ask these topical questions to advisors seeking expert insight to inform their next steps. deal with.

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