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Quick Ways to Make Money Fast: Expert Tips

In these uncertain times, a lot of people are looking to increase their income fast. There are many quick money making options out there. You can get paid for testing apps or games, or by delivering meals and groceries. Research shows that almost half of Americans own a gift card they haven’t used, which could be quick cash1. Also, just three surveys a day can earn you $40 a month1. These tips from experts can help you make more money quickly.

How to make money fast
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Key Takeaways

  • Numerous options exist to make money quickly, from testing apps to driving for rideshare services
  • Unused gift cards and completing online surveys can provide fast cash
  • Delivery driving and pet sitting are other lucrative side hustles
  • Renting out parking spaces and becoming a TaskRabbit tasker are creative ways to boost income
  • Combining multiple strategies can maximize your earning potential

Get Paid to Take Surveys

In today’s world, it’s easy to make extra money through online surveys. You can share your thoughts and make some cash from home. It’s a simple way to earn cash surveys in your spare time.

Average Payout

Each survey usually pays between $0.40 and $22. But, some might pay more depending on who you are3. Don’t overlook these amounts – they can add up. People often make about $40 a month doing surveys3.

Payment Method

Online surveys sites like Survey Junkie give you cash or gift cards when you complete surveys2. You can start cashing out at just $3 for gift cards or $25 for PayPal2. Swagbucks is also good because it offers many ways to redeem your points4.

Minimum to Cash Out

Every paid surveys place has its own rules for cashing out. Survey Junkie, for instance, lets you get gift cards after earning $3 or cash out through PayPal when you hit $252. Swagbucks lets you cash out too at a very low minimum compared to others4.

Surveys won’t make you rich, but they’re a great way to earn extra money. Take a few minutes a day to give your opinions. This can help with small costs or building up some savings243.

Test Websites and Apps

In today’s world, companies often use the internet to hire people for testing their sites, apps, and other digital items5. This helps them get feedback to make their products better and more user-friendly5.

If you join these tests, you can make some good extra money. Payments are usually between $5 and $120 for each test, depending on how long and hard it is56. You just do a quick task and then give your thoughts. The money is sent to your PayPal within a week57.

To be a tester, you need certain technical things. For example, you need the right devices and browsers like Chrome or Firefox. You also need a good internet connection and sometimes a microphone. Having enough space on your device is important too5.

At first, you do a small test and tell them about yourself57. After you’re accepted, you can start making money. You share your thoughts on how to make digital products better7.

Many platforms like UserTesting and TestingTime can help you earn. People say you can even make $500 in a few months. Or, if you like it, you can be a regular and really help companies improve their products5.

Testing websites and apps is a great way to earn more money. You also get to help make digital services better for everyone576.

Sell Unwanted Items

In today’s world, we own more than we need, filling our spaces. This overflow can be a chance to make money by selling used items. Use known online marketplaces to turn your clutter into cash.

Where to Sell Items for Quick Cash

Looking to sell what you don’t need? There are many ways8. Old toys might surprise you on eBay. Branded or retro clothes can make you some money too8. Even identical hangers might go for 20p each online8. Wine and champagne corks are also valuable for certain crafts.

Your hair, unused parking, or joining drug trials can be income sources8. Did you know that even toilet roll tubes can sell? You can also make money by selling ads on a blog8.

Use platforms like Facebook Marketplace and others to sell used items9. But watch for extra costs, like Poshmark’s 20% cut for sales over $159. Also think about shipping and buyer safety9.

More than half of shoppers buy secondhand clothes10. The U.S. secondhand market will hit $70 billion by 202710. Top brands for reselling include Torrid and more10. Etsy charges just $0.20 to list items10.

By selling what you no longer need, you can make space and money. This also helps the secondhand market and the planet. So, start selling and see the value in your stuff today.

Become a Rideshare or Delivery Driver

If you want to make quick, extra money and need a flexible job, look into being a rideshare or delivery driver11. The average wage for FedEx drivers is $19 an hour11. UPS drivers make around $20.61 per hour, and11 Amazon Flex drivers earn $17.50 per hour11. Dispatch pays $5 to $10 per stop, and11 Postmates drivers get around $15 an hour, not including tips11. Instacart drivers earn between $10 to $49 each hour11. Grubhub drivers receive tips, which bumps their earnings above $15 an hour, and11 Shipt drivers make between $16 to $22 an hour.

These jobs let you set your own schedule and get paid quickly12. Uber leads rideshares, with drivers making over 20 million rides a day12. On the other hand, Lyft drivers can earn from $15 to $25 an hour, and they get their money the same day, plus they keep all their tips12. CareDrivers for HopSkipDrive average over $35 a trip and work 7-8 trips every week. They can make between $20 to $30 each hour.

The food delivery market is growing quickly in the U.S., expected to hit over $500 billion by 202813. DoorDash has a big share, 66%, and saw its yearly earnings jump from $885 million in 2019 to $8.6 billion in 202313. Instacart was second only to Walmart in grocery delivery in 2021, with a 45% market share.

Gig Opportunity Average Earnings
FedEx Delivery $19/hr11
UPS Delivery $20.61/hr11
Amazon Flex Delivery $17.50/hr11
Dispatch Delivery $5-$10/drop11
Postmates Delivery $15/hr+11
Instacart Delivery $10-$49/hr11
Grubhub Delivery $15/hr+11
Shipt Delivery $16-$22/hr11
Uber Rideshare $12-$17/hr11
Lyft Rideshare $15-$25/hr12
HopSkipDrive Rideshare $20-$30/hr12

If rideshare or food delivery interests you, they’re not just flexible jobs. They can also be quite profitable13. The U.S. food delivery market will keep growing, so it’s a great time to consider this kind of work.

Rideshare and Delivery Gig Work
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How to Make Money Fast

In today’s fast-paced world, quick money ideas and side hustles are in demand. Many people are exploring ways to earn extra cash. Luckily, there are numerous legitimate ways to make money fast. These methods require little time but can be very profitable. Selling stock photos and testing user experiences are some examples. They can help you earn cash fast and boost your income.

Test User Experiences

Testing websites and mobile apps is a simple way to make money fast. Companies like will pay you $5 to $120 for each test14. You complete tasks as the company records your screen and gathers your thoughts. After you finish a test, payments are sent to your PayPal within 14 days14.

Take Surveys Online

Participating in online surveys is another quick way to make cash. Sites like Survey Junkie offer $0.40 to $2 per survey15. While the pay per survey is not large, it doesn’t require much time. It’s an ideal option for earning money in your free time. Additionally, many sites provide sign-up bonuses and ways to increase your earnings.

Sell Stock Photos

If photography is your passion, consider selling your photos online. On sites like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, you can earn commissions from 8% to 85%14. This can become a steady source of passive income without too much work. With the right images and platforms, it’s a great quick money idea.

If you’re after quick cash or aiming to grow through new side hustles, these tips offer a lot. They’re great for supplementing your income and reaching your financial aims. Use your skills to dive into these easy-to-access money-making options. You’ll be on your way to increase your income in no time141516.

Offer Pet Care Services

If you’re looking for a cool way to make money, try pet care services like walking dogs or sitting with pets17. You can make between $10 and $25 an hour17. Experienced sitters might charge more. Sites like and others help you connect with pet owners needing help17.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a fun way to exercise and earn cash outdoors17. It pays around $25 an hour17. This makes it a good side job for anyone who loves animals.

Pet Sitting and Animal Care

Being a pet sitter is a great way to earn money and enjoy caring for pets18. Some sitters earn up to $1,500 a month18. You usually start at $10 an hour for each pet18. Rates in your area might be $25 to $35 per night18. Services like Scout can help you get started easily18.

For pet sitting, it’s all about loving animals and being dependable17. Certification from places like Pet Sitters International can show you’re serious17. Tell everyone you know to find your first clients17.

Pet sitting can turn into a full-time job and is great for those who work from home18. You can start small and grow your business18. Although, be ready for competition18. You don’t need much money to start, just the basics18.

Always talk well with pet owners to make sure their pets are happy17. Being known as reliable and trustworthy is the key to doing well17.