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How to get 20+ social posts out of a single piece of content.

So you have finally succumbed to the (new) age adage; ‘Content is king’. You have a sense of standing out from your competitors, you must inform and educate in your own voice, and you must find your audience where it is most convenient for the masses – social media. On top of that, to stay relevant and easy to find from an SEO standpoint, you need fresh content on your webpage. It’s, in fact, just constant posts on your website, Instagram, LinkedIn, podcasts, TikTok, and even Facebook still (sorry, Mark).

I know, it sounds like a lot, but I promise there’s nothing wrong with taking off your mask at Costco. With a quick refresher on ‘The Content Pyramid’, you’ll see that a single piece of long-form columnar content can easily serve up multiple posts across multiple channels. What’s even sweeter? Each post has a unified theme and points to your columnar content, which is conveniently located on your website with multiple links to more content, CTAs, and product pages.

So where do you begin? Let’s break down the pyramid!

1. Long-Form Video

At the top is a long video about your pillar content – a very broad topic or topic you specialize in, for example a video you created for content marketing. I know, videos are the hardest to fix and require the most effort, but as we will soon see that a 10 minute video can generate so much content on all platforms. Not only this, if your video content is liked by your audience and you are publishing it on YouTube, it can also become a lucrative source of income for your business.

2. Podcast

The second is the extraction of the audio file to use as a podcast in Pyramid. With the emergence of easy-to-use tools like Audacity, GarageBand and hosting sites like BuzzSprout, posting and promoting podcasts has never been easier – creating another channel for your audience to listen to. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here’s a shortlist of our favorite podcasts that focus on marketing and industry news.

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3. Blog Posts

Did you know that a 1 minute video is about 1 page of written content? This suggests that if you cover 5 specific topics within your column content (~2 minutes each section) within a ten minute video, you’ll have 5 blog posts to slot into your social media calendar. how do you do it? Simply transcribe each section into a blog post, edit for readability, and hyperlink to a specific clip from the same long-format video you started with. From here we have at least 7 ingredients from one, and it quickly starts to snowball…

4. Short-form Video Clips for Social People

Actually, this is where the pyramid really starts multiplying the work you invested in that introductory video. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and even LinkedIn provide your audience with easily digestible snippets of long form content. This is great news for content creators like you who have ten minutes of video content to work with. You can split that long-form content into 2-minute video clips with posts for LinkedIn, clips for Instagram or IGTV, and even reposts for Facebook and TikTok. If you want, you can shorten the same ten-minute post even further – say a one-minute or even 30-second post. If you do this, you can generate up to 20 posts across all your social media which, if optimized properly, can drive traffic to your website, your YouTube channel – or both!! That’s a maximum of 27 content from a single 10-minute video – does it look like all the work that goes into creating great video content is paying off yet?

5. Steady posts in social areas

Chances are, before you posted you did some thorough research, researched articles, gathered information, and if you’ve done that research over the years, you probably did something very useful to help you visualize the information. Infographics have arrived. well guess what? Those infographics (if revamped) can be incredible static posts for your social media feeds that describe content and direct your audience to long-format videos or your website’s blog. If you don’t have infographics, you can easily write down bullet points of key takeaways from each segment. Canva is a great tool to help you create visual appeal. Depending on how smart you are here, you can easily remove 10-20 static posts on your social media.

And just like that, a 10-minute video can be revamped all the way down the content marketing pyramid, hitting every channel your audience can find you on the way. As always we hope this has helped provide you with something of value during your content marketing journey. If you liked this post then you can get more information from here.

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