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5 Ways to Get More SEO Bang for Your Money

5 Ways to Get More SEO Bang for Your Buck Written by John Jantsch Read more in Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Jon Jants on 5 Ways to Get More SEO Bang for Your Buck

Every business needs SEO. If you are a consultant or marketing agency, each of your clients is looking for you to achieve results. They want to show up in search engine rankings – and not just show up anywhere, but also rank competitively so they can be seen by new audiences.

For experienced marketers, SEO doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. We all know that there are a few things that we need to do, like creating a website with a proper structure and implementing a content plan. Once you’ve covered the basics, you want to take your efforts to the next level so that you can actually deliver for your customers.

These five techniques can help you take what your customers already have and turn it into even more valuable SEO fuel.

1. Optimize Your Old Content

Many business owners have created a lot of content over the years. If your client has been blogging for over 15 years, there is a lot of valuable content available! The key is to go back and re-optimize that old stuff. Removing broken links, getting rid of outdated resources, and updating to be relevant to today’s audience is a great way to promote your clients’ existing content.

This is also an opportunity for you to link to new internal content. If your client has since created several explainer videos on the topic, plus a great podcast episode, why not include links to this new material?

2. Adopt New Formats

Today, content is much more than blog posts. And luckily a format like video can help you create more content faster in the same amount of time.

Take, for example, what I’m doing with this podcast. I’m actually recording this as a video, and will pull the audio apart to make the podcast episode you’re listening to now. I will also create a blog post to accompany this episode. This means that in about ten minutes of work, I’ve suddenly created content in three different formats (video, audio, and the written word).

3. Add Videos to Your Page

Speaking of video, if your client doesn’t already have video on their website, now is the time to incorporate content in this popular format. Not only are people more eager than ever to consume content in video format, video also helps increase your ranking with search engines.

One of the ranking factors for Google and other search engines is stay time (essentially, how long a visitor stays on a given web page). Long stays cause search engines to infer that a given page’s content is relevant to the audience, which they reward by promoting you in SERPs.

I’ve noticed on my site that the pages on which the video is embedded encourage people to stick around. Visitors typically stay on these pages for one to two minutes longer than on pages with videos. Even if they don’t watch the full video, a video clip that can grab their attention even for 30 seconds will keep them on the page longer than a block of text.

4. Go to Podcast

I have talked about the SEO benefits of guest podcasting before. Recently, there has been a shift away from guest blogging to guest podcasting. Lots of businesses have started podcasts, and they’re hungry for guests to fill those episodes. Why not show your client in relevant shows?

Guest podcasting is great for many reasons. Time commitment is minimal; You can make an entire episode in 20 minutes of conversation. Plus, since you’re a guest, it’s up to the podcast host to edit episodes and do all of the behind-the-scenes work.

Podcasters are happy to link to your client’s website, eBooks, and other resources. This creates backlinks for their site, which are an important external element in building reputation and SEO. Plus, the podcaster will promote episodes through its network and channels, giving your clients extra exposure.

5. Cooperate with customers to produce material

The final step in increasing your client’s SEO is a bit more involved, but it is a worthwhile investment. Each month, work with one of your clients to create content. It could be a video or podcast interview on your own site, a case study, a co-created survey, or just about anything else you can dream up.

Build a package of content and partner with your customers. Through this process, you will generate backlinks and great content for both of you. Collaborating with your customers is great for strengthening your relationship with them, plus it can help you make more deals for yourself!

Prospects like to see examples, case studies and other similar things. Co-created materials touch on all those elements. And when you’re creating and promoting your own content, you’re showing your marketing potential to potential customers.

As a marketer, you understand how to get down to the basics of SEO. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, these five steps are a great place to start. By enhancing your clients’ existing efforts, you’re making the most of every piece of content they create and generating great SEO results with less heavy lifting.

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