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7 Reasons Why Offer Software Will Boost Your Sales

You are probably well aware of how important business propositions are to acquire customers and win new business. If you’re writing a lot of them, you may have thought about investing in proposal software to make the process easier.

However, the offer is software really all that great Compared to writing the proposals yourself? It turns out that there are a few reasons why you might want dedicated software for proposal writing.

it will make writing a lot faster

Here’s the thing – writing isn’t as easy as it sounds. For sales purposes, writing can be extremely difficult. If you’re great at closing sales, you don’t need to be a good writer. On the other hand, hiring a writer every time you need to send a proposal (or have someone in-house) isn’t practical.

offer software This ensures that you spend less time writing, as it comes with pre-built templates. Some apps, like Better Offers, come with templates for different industries, such as marketing or website design. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Alternatively, you can create your own template based on the proposal that works for you and edit the key information each time you create a new proposal.

By spending less time on writing, you will be able to spend more time learning about your customers and getting new leads.

Integration Makes Everything Easier

One of the biggest problems with prepositions in document formats is that their use is very limited. Modern offer software comes with a range of different integrations that ensure that your offer is embedded in your sales process.

For example, you can pull data from your CRM into your proposal software, which makes it easy to fill out your proposal template. In addition, your offer will be added to the sales pipeline. Once an offer is out, you can integrate it with your project management tools to have a bird’s eye view of the progress of the deal.

In short, integration saves you time, makes it easy to create proposals and lets you have complete control over the sales process. If your chosen offering software doesn’t have native integration, you can combine it with Zapier and the possibilities are endless.

You won’t even have to worry about the design

Aside from writing, another thing to note is that sales professionals are not always skilled. is design. Who would guess which color goes well with blue and where you should put your logo to make the offer look aesthetically pleasing?

Proposal software eliminates this problem by giving you visual templates and all you have to do is edit the written content. In addition to the general appearance, you can change the font color, header, insert your company logo, and more.

Why does all this matter? Offers with covers convert better than offers without covers. Even if you think appearance doesn’t matter, a first impression is important when it comes to signing your proposals.

Your resolutions will be optimized for all devices

When writing proposals in word processing apps, you usually save them as text or PDF files. Unfortunately, it’s not always going to look so good. 34% of all offers First opened on the mobile platform. Offer software optimizes all your offers across devices, so you make a good impression, no matter what device the customer is using.

You can guide the customer through the offer

One of the recent developments in the world of business proposals is live chat. You can use the live chat app to communicate with the client as they are reading the offer and answer any questions they may have. It turns out that it does make a difference – your chances of winning the deal are 13.2% higher if you use this feature in your offers.

You’ll get paid faster

For anyone working in B2B, you probably know the struggles with unpaid invoicing. According to research, the average company has unpaid invoices up to 90 days, However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

When more than 180,000 signed proposals were researched, the average offer was paid about 12 hours after it was signed. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, you can pay directly from the offer, which reduces friction and makes payments simple and easy. Second, half (52%) of all payments were made through credit cards (using integrations like Stripe, PayPal, and the like).

The balance was paid either directly or through challan. This means that a large proportion of your customers may delay payment via invoicing because they find credit cards more convenient – ​​which is an option you can set up in your offer software.

You will escape the death trap of PDF

It is quite common to send your proposals as a PDF. This is what your customers are used to – you just engage them and send in your email. Customers print out and hopefully sign them for them to review. Well, research has shown that PDF is the number one conversion killer for business proposals.

On a much larger sample, we found that sending your proposal as a PDF means reducing the chances of the proposal being signed by up to 78%. It’s not that there’s anything inherently bad about PDFs, it’s just that they tendency to print, And once the proposal is printed, the chances of getting signed are slim. The rationale behind this could be that a proposal printed on paper is shared among multiple stakeholders, making it less likely to be signed.


There are many reasons to include proposition software in your sales systems. Not only will you be writing offers faster, but you will also get paid more quickly, your offers will be optimized across devices, there will be a live chat option within the offer and much more.

If you’re still sending proposals in PDF as an email attachment, it’s time to join the proposal software revolution – your business will thank you for it.

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Adam is the CEO and Founder of Hempenstall better offerSimple proposal software for creating beautiful, high-impact proposals in minutes. After helping their customers with better offers, helping them win $120,000,000+ in just one year, they have launched the first proposal writing university Where he shares business proposition best practices.

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