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8 video types that every business should master in 2021

What was once a complimentary, well-deserved component of content marketing, now plays an essential role. Video has emerged front and center and is arguably one of the most effective types of content to engage with your audience.

Video consumption shows no signs of slowing down over the next few years. By 2021 the average person will spend 100 minutes every day Watching videos online (19 percent growth from 2019).

If you haven’t accepted the video yet, now is the time to start.

Often when people think of video marketing, they think of social media content. while there is certainly A great case for using video on social platforms (and lots of ways to do it!)It is equally important to include videos in other marketing channels.

Here are eight types of video content that can be added to any business’s marketing system. This will allow you to tell your brand story in a dynamic, engaging way and influence people to take action.

1. Brand Story

Every brand has a story. Many entrepreneurs have fascinating tales of how they got the idea to start their own business and the journey they took to get that business off the ground. Target when we talk about the main storyIt’s not about where the brand is, it’s really more about the customer story.

Every brand has a problem that they solve for their customers. This is his own unique way to solve the problem. It is what attracts customers to the business first and keeps them coming back again and again.

Creating a video that tells your origin story is a great way to establish trust with prospects immediately. a strong core story One outlines the problem of prospect, presents a picture of a world where the problem is solved, and then presents your business as a solution to the problem.

Putting videos like this front and center on your website sets you up for success with prospects. Not only are prospects seen and heard from what they see in the video—it’s a brand that really causes my problem! —they also have a sense of connection with the people behind the brand.

When business owners get on camera and talk directly to their prospects about how to address their larger concern, it wins their trust and builds a human-to-human relationship from the start.

2. Service or Product Video

You’ve caught a prospect’s attention with your origin story. Next, your prospect may want to learn more about how your business can solve their problems. That’s where product or service videos come in.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run. A video showcasing your offerings can help dynamically showcase all the pros of buying your product or service.

For more complex products, such as a new software system or a device or machinery that requires some set-up, product videos can help eliminate some of the fear that a potential person may have about purchasing a complex product. can feel about. When they see how easy it is to set up and use in the video, they’ll feel more confident in their ability to do it themselves.

The same is true of video featuring the Services. Let’s say you are a car mechanic. People are often distrustful of car mechanics, thinking they can rip people off because most of us don’t understand how a car actually works. A service video, where the mechanic walks viewers through a standard inspection procedure and explains potential red flags along the way, can help eliminate prospects’ fears that they are a scam-artist mechanic.

Even for simple products, video can help bring the item to life. A product video for a children’s construction toy that shows the features of the completed model can be sold to parents upon purchase. Or a video on a clothing e-commerce site, in which a model is walking back and forth in an item of clothing, can give viewers an idea of ​​how a shirt or pants look and move on a real person.

Product video example:

Service Video Example:

3. Customer Testimonials

Testimonials, reviews and case studies all play a similar role in the major nutrition process. They offer social proof that your business is as good as you say it is. Of course, you have a vested interest in selling your business as the best business in your area. It’s your job when you put on your marketing hat, after all!

The most persuasive messages don’t come from email campaigns or sales reps, they come directly from the mouths of satisfied customers. Testimonial videos create a deeper and more emotional appeal to your brand. Social proof is a powerful decision-making factor. Video testimonials give regular customers an opportunity to become brand advocates.

By showing prospects an existing happy customer, you give them a taste of what their life might be like if they hired you. If you’re looking for tips on how to make the most of your interview with one of your happy customers, check out These Steps to Putting Together an Effective Case Study,

Testimonial Video Example:

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s face it, scrolling through dozens of questions in a standard FAQ page is boring. Why not create the most engaging FAQ page by including video answers on the page?

This is also a great opportunity to involve multiple people in the company in the video creation process. Ask someone from each department to bring you in front of the camera. Each of them can record answers to a handful of frequently asked questions most relevant to their role in the company.

First, it is a fun activity for the participating team members. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to introduce prospects to even more faces behind the business. And the more familiar and personal a sense of connection you can establish early on, the more you’ll stand out in terms of trust and choice.

5. Educational and ‘How To’ Videos

People love getting their questions answered and learning new things – especially when they’re looking for more information about a specific topic.

Educational videos provide real value to your audience that they can apply and use in their daily lives. When people find the content you produce valuable and really helpful, you start to earn their trust.

When they trust you, they are more likely to return to you in the future for more help and thus form a stronger relationship with them. This encourages you to move down the funnel.

Educational video example:

6. Event Video

Planning and hosting an event takes a huge amount of work. Capturing your event on video is an easy way to increase its length and reach. Videos make events scalable. You are able to spread brand awareness, engagement and authority beyond the event.

Events are about making new connections and networking with other people. Your event video should capture this.

Event video example:

7. Explainer Videos

Explanatory videos are often used to learn more about a product or service. They help you deliver important information in less time And Leave a memorable impression. This is a short informative video that explains something in a colorful, fun and engaging way.

Adding an explainer video to your homepage is a great way to quickly explain your product or service to someone visiting your site. This effectively walks customers through a scenario where their problem will be solved by using your product. That way a user won’t need to click and read multiple pages to understand what your company does or what your offer is.

Explainer video example:

8. Personalized Sales Videos

Once you have conquered prospects with great video content on your website, it is time to take things to the next level. Encouraging your sales team to use one-to-one videos in the sales process allows them to embrace personalization.

using tools like loom Makes it easy to record and send video, even for the least tech-savvy sales team in the room. Creating a personalized video, where they address the prospect by name and talk about their specific concerns and questions, makes that prospect feel special. They think, “If this business is only going to have trouble recording a video for me, can you imagine how long they’ll be there for me if I become a customer?”

Video content can play a part in all stages of the customer journey. Video can be important for establishing trust, building a personal connection, and driving prospects toward their first purchase.

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