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Expert Panel: 5 trends from 2021 and 5 predictions for 2022

As important as it is to be present during the busy holiday season, most people can’t help but want to look back and reflect on the past year. We all love a good year in review, right?

But while many people prefer these year-end round-ups and wrap-ups for pure enjoyment, social marketers rely on that data to help them take stock of what’s trending, and to bring those insights into the future. Work on planning the year.

Sprout is joined by social experts from Digital Media Management, Autodesk and the Environmental Working Group to share five social trends shaping 2021 and five predictions for what will be big in 2022—and what will just go away.


Kayla Anne Gupta, Social Media Manager, Digital Media Management
Diana Rouge, Social Media and Community Expert, Autodesk
Katie Kellenberger, Social Media Manager, Environmental Working Group

In this webinar, we will tackle questions like:

“What can I expect from 2022 as a social marketer?”
“What were the biggest trends and highlights from 2021 on Social?”
“How can I use social data to understand our biggest successes, challenges and obstacles from 2021 – then translate them into leadership?”
“How can social data help me identify our areas of focus in 2022?”

Bonus: Viewers attending live—exclusively—have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session at the end, as well as receive a copy of the webinar deck.

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