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Use the Attendance System to Solve These 5 Challenges in Your Business

How does EasyRoster tick all these boxes?

EasyRoster software answers each and every requirement mentioned above for an effective attendance system. This solution will empower you as an operations manager to manage the deployment of employees in near real time from the office as well as automatically record additional details.

This employee check-in functionality is conducted with either biometric machines (fingerprint or facial recognition) or proximity card technologies. It ensures that the scheduled employee comes and leaves at the right places at the right time. It also helps in identifying issues or problems related to over or under staffing at different locations.

This software ensures smooth and efficient staff scheduling at all contract locations, which can be done both automatically and manually.

EasyRoster seamlessly integrates into the workplace payroll system and ensures that your HR department has all the necessary information related to your employees’ hours, holidays, sick leave, employee absenteeism and overtime, etc.

This innovative solution also has reporting functionality that allows you to pull relevant insights and information related to workforce management and identify issues, problems and opportunities for improvement.

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