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Innovation and Startups: Amazon: Its founder and CEO’s fortunes rise 20%, thanks to the coronavirus!

It must be recognized that the coronavirus does not have the same effects and consequences on the lives of the Earthlings. While billions expect to see their savings and purchasing power melt like ice, some of the very wealthy, such as the CEO of Amazon, are seeing their already very comfortable income grow even more. The latter has actually seen their fortunes increase by 20% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. What explains such an increase in the fortune of a billionaire?

The king of money, Jeff Bezos even richer

Amazon is one of the richest and most successful companies in the world. Its growth is such that many observers and analysts also believe that it will never experience depreciation.

And for good reason, Amazon has become the king of online commerce and has given up fishing in the span of twenty years. Rich as Crassus, to the extent of making his master rich. In fact, the latter is so rich that he even once managed to overtake Bill Gates, who was once the richest man on the planet.

After a few years of infancy, and his costly divorce from his wife and minority shareholder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos saw his fortune lose a few hundred million. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon has seen its income double and hence the fortunes of its founder and owner increase by 20% as well.

20% more value

Currently estimated at between $130 and 140 billion, Jeff Bezos’ fortune has something to make people envy. Especially in these times of confinement where people are gearing up and for some are living in slow motion with minimums.

Amazon just took advantage of the economic situation and the fact that consumers had no choice but to fall back on online solutions to make their purchases. And whoever says buying or selling online is a must say Amazon. So, if you too are tempted by the thrill of Amazon, now more than ever the time to get started!

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