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Innovation and Startups: Libra, Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Coming in January 2021!

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world; With over 2.5 billion users, Mark Zuckerberg’s invention continues to attract users. Especially since the social network is rediscovering itself and embracing different markets and sectors, such as the cryptocurrency that Facebook embraced by announcing Libra last year. After more than a year of development, Libra will finally be launched. By the end of January 2021.

How will Libra be launched?

First, Facebook provided some details about Libra. We learn specifically that it will be launched as a stablecoin backed by the US Dollar. This guarantees its conversion rate and predicts great flexibility in operating outside the Facebook network.

Facebook Libra – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As a reminder, there was talk of joining various fiduciary currencies in the past. Including the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound and the Singapore dollar. Facebook may have finally chosen its national currency.

Facebook Libra – Photo Credit: Pixabay

Libra will be in the starting block after a half-hearted announcement and a failed launch last year.

Facebook has no room for error

Following the announcement of Libra last year, strong regulatory pressures prompted the social networking giant to revise its copy and think better about its currency and its business model.

Facebook Libra – Photo Credit: Pixabay

Now is the time to launch an offensive on the mature, crypto-currency market according to Facebook, as reported financial Times,

given alone in front of his fate

When it was announced, Libra had strong supporters who were part of Facebook’s Libra Association. Among its members were giants such as PayPal and Mastercard. But that was before, because now Libra alone will navigate the troubled waters, and face their fate.

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