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Innovation and Startups: Renewable Energy: $100,000 Billion of GDP in Potential Benefits

Our planet is suffering, our planet is dying, our planet is now having trouble regenerating itself and producing more resources for its 8.5 billion inhabitants. It is a bitter observation that however is the fruit of our human activities, particularly the extraction of oil, and its use as fuel for cars. Fortunately, renewable energy has now taken over and representing nearly 100,000 billion in potential profits, sleeping in the drawers of politicians.

Renewable Energy, a New Economic Bubble?

According to a report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency, investing in the green energy market can bring in huge sums of money and create millions of direct and indirect jobs.

Solar Panel / Source: Pixnio

IRENA has come to the conclusion that it is necessary, important for our planet and our economy to pursue renewable energy. According to the non-governmental agency, this is an opportunity that will allow us to achieve the international climate goals. All while stimulating economic growth and creating millions of jobs around the world. Of course without forgetting to improve human welfare by 2050.

However, the agency specifically emphasizes the fact that it is necessary to invest about $19,000 billion to achieve this goal. A huge investment that would generate at least $100,000 billion in net profit. In addition, IRENA claims that the economic stimulus from the renewable energy sector may well come in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. The yield for each dollar invested would be between $6 and $8.

create millions of jobs

The second positive result of investing in renewable energy is none other than the creation of millions of direct and indirect jobs.

Pixabay – Markusspiske

In detail, IRENA talks about 42 million jobs worldwide. A significant number, which could well fill the budget deficit + reduce unemployment in a plethora of countries. In addition, the energy industry would reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by 70 to 80%.

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