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Innovation and startups: towards a tax on telework in Europe?

With the coronavirus, an increasingly fashionable form of work has really taken off. It really is telework. Instead of traveling to get to your usual workplace, imagine yourself in work socks from your living room or bedroom. It is an idea that has allowed some people to keep their jobs even in this time of crisis. And that could all change in the future, with economists pushing for a tax on telework in Europe.

Germany in action once again

“Working from home leads to direct financial savings on expenses like transportation, lunch, clothes and cleaning. Add to this indirect savings through sacrificing social and other expenses that an employee would have had if he were in office.

DU Teleworks – Photo Credit: Pixels

Recently said Luke Templeman, researcher Deutsche Bank and coincidentally a co-author of the report devoted to the new tax under study on teleworking.

However, it should be noted that this does not apply to everyone. Actually, people who are obliged to work from home, they are not affected by this next tax. Only those who have consciously opted to work from home, when they could normally go to their place of service, will have to pay this new tax.

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, From a personal and economic standpoint, it makes sense that these people get help. It also makes sense that essential workers who assume a covidian risk for low wages. They are lucky to be able to “disconnect” from the face-to-face economy, to their credit” The finale of Luke Templeman.

DU Teleworks – Photo Credit: Pixabay

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