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Retiring means ‘putting new tires on an old car’, says Moose Jaw consultant

“People want a more in-depth analysis. They want reality,” Ruston said of this pandemic time. “I think people are getting smarter and they’re tired of pretty graphs and stuff, and dazzling Huh. I truly believe that people want to see everything in black and white and walk through it, so that they can understand it and make an educated decision, and we are blessed that many of them have helped us. Have decided to allow them to partner with you. ,

Ruston Moose is one of several financial advisors at Jaw, but he is of similar age and background to many of his clients, so can realistically relate to them.

He grew up on a farm near Aston, Saskatchewan, near the Alberta border, and moved to Moose Jaw from BC in 2002. Although he’s been “in the industry” for 37 years, he’s back in the financial side full-time. Being the college director of running and development a business about 12 years ago.

Ruston’s customers are spread across the prairie, but farmers comprise about 30%. This is important to them because a local general insurance agent gave them financial advice to their parents in 1980 after selling their ranch, which they had been renting for a few years, to their tenants.

“I just thought, whatever I can, I’m going to see what I can do to reduce this in the future and really try to help people,” he said.

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