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are you okay? Report shows 4 out of 10 industry professionals are at risk of burnout

And while talking about mental health is much less taboo than it once was, it’s often the people who are struggling who are the least likely to start the conversation.

According to a new report by Canada Life in partnership with Mental Health Research Canada, 39% of respondents in the finance, legal and insurance categories report feeling fatigued.

This puts these professionals ahead of first responders (36%), and education and childcare workers (38%), but behind in transportation (40%) and health and patient care (53%).

“The number of Canadians reporting burnout is cause for concern,” said Mary Ann Beyton, director of Workplace Strategies, Collaboration and Strategy for Mental Health. “While this is not surprising – given that we are once again facing extreme uncertainty as the pandemic rollercoaster continues. For many of us, anxiety and exhaustion are at an all-time high.”

What is burnout?

Canada’s Center for Addition and Mental Health (CAHM) defines burnout as:

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