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Wealthstream’s Michael Goodman on building a $1BN RIA

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Leaders of RIA firms have more options than ever before when evaluating growth opportunities in today’s market. M&A activity continues at an accelerated pace – and is allowing technology advisors to expand their services to a growing number of investors and clients.

In this episode of RIA Edge, Mark Bruno, Managing Director of Informa Wealth Management, talks with Michael Goodman, Founder and President of Wealthstream Advisors, about the keys to building a successful and ever-growing RIA. Wealthstream, which recently crossed the $1 billion threshold, has grown through a mix of strategic acquisitions, marketing and business development.

In particular, Mark and Michael discuss:

  • How an Independent RIA Can Compete with the Increasingly Influential Professional Buyers in the M&A Market
  • The Key to Evaluating the Right Acquisition Opportunities
  • Creating a repeatable, scalable, business development process
  • Acquisition vs. Hiring Talent to Drive Growth

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