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Do you really know what you think you know about ESG?

Other key reasons for ESG/RI discussions were the desire to make suitable investment recommendations (25%), their fiduciary duty (12%), and the separation of their practice and services (12%).

However, there are concerns about greenwashing and a lack of standards, two issues with some consultants shying away from discussing ESG/RI with clients.

better disclosure

This week, the Canadian Securities Administrators published guidance for investment funds to improve ESG case disclosure practices.

Guidance covers issues such as investment objectives, fund names, investment strategies, risk disclosure, ongoing disclosure and sales communications, based on current regulatory requirements.

“There is growing interest in ESG investing and this enhanced and practical guidance will play an important role in helping investors make informed decisions about ESG products as well as preventing potential greenwashing,” said CSA President and President and CEO Louis Morissette said. Financial Markets Authority.

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