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Franklin Templeton Canada offers permanent portfolio for retirees

According to Michael Greenberg, CFA, SVP and Portfolio Manager, Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions, the team behind LifeSmart Sustainable Portfolios will consider ESG criteria at every step from manager to portfolio creation and monitoring. Beyond the risk and return goals, he said the retirement portfolio he builds will have ESG integrated into the entire investment process.

Greenberg said, “Our proprietary ESG research is designed to identify risk and return opportunities induced by corporate practice trends, changing investor preferences, and developing ESG data that demonstrates strong ESG integration underlying In addition to the funds.”

The investment objectives and strategies of each Franklin LifeSmart portfolio will adopt a sustainable investment approach by March 28, 2022. As a result, each portfolio will be renamed to include the word “portfolio”.

The current portfolio lineup offers target retirement dates in five-year increments – from 2025 to 2055. This will be expanded to include the 2060 portfolio on March 28, 2022.

With those changes, the dynamic glidepath of the Franklin LifeSmart portfolio will be enhanced to better align allocation to equities and with the anticipated retirement financial savings lifecycle of Canadian buyers.

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