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Canada’s investment in durable funds doubled last year

Breaking down by asset class, equities saw the biggest year-on-year growth of 110%, followed by allocation (89%), and fixed-income funds (62%).

Investors – many of whom had increased the savings they wanted to invest – domiciled in Canada had more options, with 73 new products being launched in 2021 compared to 42 in 2020. Last year’s new fund attracted $3 billion in AUM, led by Fidelity Climate. $543 million of leadership.

The sustainable fund space remains the domain of a handful of major asset managers — including NEI Investments, RBC, Mackenzie, BMO, IA Clarington, Desjardins, and AGF Investments — currently managing 80% of assets.

Actively managed strategies accounted for 85% of assets in permanent funds, while passive strategies grew at a faster rate (160% year-on-year) than active strategies (90%) due to the former’s smaller base.

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The performance of sustainable investment products in the fourth quarter of 2021 continued to delight investors.

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