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Is it hard to detect cognitive decline of customers in the virtual world?

“Consultants can begin to find out whether there is any cognitive decline, whether it is the setting of dementia or Alzheimer’s… Because they have known many of their clients for so long, they may notice some subtle differences that may affect family relationships. Members may not be able to There is something else about it.

“On the phone, it can be a little more difficult. But when we’re face-to-face using virtual mediums, and you can see people’s behavior and their reaction, I don’t know if it’s really known.” Reduces ability to impose. Someone walking into your office may give subtle cues on their physical condition and how they are doing, but there may be other behaviors that they pick up on [even through videoconferencing],

“Despite all the challenges we have faced over the past two years, I have found that more consultants are in contact with clients because one does not need to be within an hour’s driving radius of the office. They are now taking advantage of technology. Can pick up and talk to more customers more often.”

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