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A look at the plans of institutional investors for CRE

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The European Association for Investors in Unlisted Real Estate Vehicles, INREV, recently published its latest annual study exploring the aspirations of institutional investors in the real estate sector over the next two years.

In this episode, David Bodamer is joined by Irina Pylipchuk, Director of Research and Market Information at INREV. Irina shares some of the information obtained in the 2022 survey to estimate how much institutional investors around the world plan to spend.

Irina discusses:

  • How COVID has affected the strategies of institutional investors when investing in commercial real estate
  • What markets and asset types is this investor class looking at in 2022
  • How the risk appetite of institutional investors has evolved beyond core investing
  • Importance of ESG for Institutional Investors When Estimating Commercial Real Estate Funds
  • even more

Tune in now to hear the discussion.

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