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Shareholder activism among key drivers of ESG in 2022

Corporate leaders will need to up their game in terms of ESG skills, with investors seeking better accountability and greater focus on sustainability.

Expect more proactive shareholder action to vote for people and policies that do not advance areas such as diversity and inclusion; Box-ticking won’t cut it as investors push for real change.

Firms will be expected to increase the transparency of their ESG disclosures not only to investors but through enhanced regulation. We can see international standardization of ESG metrics, something that is currently lacking.

While firms are setting net zero targets, demand for near-term action on emissions reductions in 2022 will also increase. The linkage of environmental issues with social issues will also increase, such as the impact of climate change on poor countries.

Richard Mattison, President of S&P Global Sustainable, said, “Along with climate, biodiversity and other environmental concerns, social issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion and worker welfare are set to continue to be in the spotlight, especially as they appear in broader ESG discussions. are woven in.” and lead author of the report ‘S&P Global: Key Trends That Will Drive the ESG Agenda in 2022’.

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