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Toxic Culture Is the Top Cause of Business, According to Research

“Previous research has found that respect is actually the number one most powerful driver of overall Glassdoor ratings, and it turns out that when employees feel disrespected, it’s a real tell-tale sign that the culture is toxic.”

Plus, when employees are excluded based on their identity, it’s another big driver of dissatisfaction, according to Sull.

“We looked at a variety of inequalities, ranging from racial inequality to gender inequality to LGBTQ equity, disability equity, age equity, and so forth, and we found that they are all fairly powerful drivers that make toxic culture toxic. “

He says research has identified unethical, strangling and abusive behavior as big indicators that a workplace culture is toxic.

“It’s very simple: would someone really want to work in an environment where they feel humiliated? Where do they feel that they are discriminated against for their race or their gender? Where is the immoral behavior going on around them? Where is this cut-throat environment, this is not healthy collaboration; everyone is out to get each other or where the managers are downright abusive?”

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