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Aristotle Onassis and the Influence of International Wealth Planning

From the mid-1920s until his death in 1975, Aristotle Onassis adopted the phrase “many fingers in many fingers” with professions ranging from international shipping to less likable military hunters.

Greek law limited how much could be given to his American wife, Jackie O, after her death, regardless of his vast inheritance. With those limitations in mind, the distribution of his wealth after death deals with a variety of clauses and arrangements for his daughter and the charity foundation.

In this episode, David Lennox joins Megan Gorman, founding partner at Checkers Financial Management, to discuss how holding assets internationally affects the way financial advisors plan and advise their clients. They reveal the beneficial steps that Aristotle took to create his financial plan and why it is a good example of what to do.

David and Megan discuss:

  • the importance of compliance when dealing with international assets;
  • the role of CPAs and tax advisors in financial planning;
  • how the donor advised that charitable donations be simplified after death;
  • Why Aristotle’s financial plan included many ‘what if’ sections.

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