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Invesco aims to achieve ‘outside growth’ with its new ETF

“Our aspirations are to grow much faster than before,” he said, noting that it has added four people to its team, so it now has ten, although many others support it. “We are trying to bring more to the Canadian region to help leverage and grow rapidly and I think are important tools for Canadian investors.”

Invesco is focusing on its strategy and how to provide ETFs for Canadian investors.

“We have a lot of great products, but we wanted to focus our efforts, modernize our suites, and really think about how the portfolio, products, and servicing will be helping investors over the next five to 10 years. From the point of view of where help and support will be needed and set ourselves up to meet that,” Chiallo said.

Invesco has been in the market with ESG products for several years, but he said, “the market for ESG is moving incredibly fast, very dynamic, and it is very important to stay on top.”

Therefore, it began looking at its business and product in March 2021, when it departed from BlackRock, and took a significant step forward on January 20 of this year, when it launched its first pillar, the initial part of an expanded Canadian ETF line-up. Did. With eight new ESG ETFs. Five are comprised of a range of Canadian hedged units and seven of them will track the ESG Index from the S&P Dow Jones Index. These funds combine a variety of ESG opportunities and multiple markets into two Invesco ETFs that track different ESG indices.

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