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Six-time WP Award winner ready to pass on rewards to others

Sabourin won Advisor of the Year for Alternative Investments in 2021 and was a silver “medallist” for it in 2020. He has also been named Global Advisor of the Year and Discretionary Portfolio Manager of the Year for 2016, 2017, and 2019. for 2018.

money professional He is not the only one who has recognized his work. A French publication, Finance and Investments, also honored him with the Distinguished Advisor Award in 2016.

Sabourin explained the awards on his website, but said that added value is also added through the nomination process because it prompted him to regularly review his business to see how to improve it. .

“There is a standard that we keep improving from year to year because I need to step up my game to enroll every year,” he said. “We plan for new marketing tools, new portfolio interviews, and where we need to step up our game as competition gets stronger year after year. So, it’s an improvement for our business and about what we do. I have a testament, and our customers are really proud to see it.”

They are proud to have won awards, but at the same time they have made the best of their business for their customers. He also speaks and produces a show on options for the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets.

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