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#FASuccess Podcast: Kyle Moore’s Non-Linear Evolution Path

Welcome to the 252nd episode of Financial Advisor Success Podcast,

My guest on today’s podcast is Kyle Moore. Kyle is the founder of Quarry Hill Advisors, an RIA in St. Paul, Minnesota, which oversees $165 million in assets under management for 137 homes.

However, what is unique about Kyle is that, while he has been able to generate very strong growth for his advisory firm in just 5 years since launching it in 2017, the path hasn’t exactly been a linear straight line of growth. That is, as Kyle has navigated the all-too-common challenges and plethora of experiences that advisory firm owners face when building their practices in the early years.

In this episode, we talk in-depth about Kyle’s three main channels of growth, including local search on Google, his personal network, and digital marketing through blogging, how one of Kyle’s first clients became a super- became the referrer that gave Kyle’s firm a huge initial boost that he was able to compound as he moved forward, and Kyle took specific steps to become searchable online, including building backlinks from directories like FPAs, from customers, and more. This included asking for Google reviews, and buying a keyword-rich domain name. Redirect back to his main website.

We also talk about how Kyle’s first entry-level job as an associate planner gave him the opportunity to learn as much as he could without the pressure of accumulating assets or selling products, how Kyle became his own boss. The desire to become one prompted him to turn an offer to be a principal planner with the consultant who had previously hired him and instead launched his own planning firm, and the decision-making process that Kyle went through When he finally got to the point where he needed to make his first hire to help absorb. growth in his business.

And be sure to hear the ending, where Kyle shares that, despite building a business that was growing well, he decided to enlist a partner who eventually had a different (but complementary). ) was the skill set, the process that Kyle and his (new) partner took when determining ownership and evaluating their merger practices, and the benefits Kyle derived from participating in practice management coaching programs such as Limitless Advisor (with some business-owner losses as a result of which he is able to avoid).

So are you interested in learning about how Kyle became ‘discoverable’ using local SEO, how he merged his firm to form a partnership, or how he built his own business in less than 5 years? firm to $100M AUM, we hope you enjoy this episode of The Financial Advisor Success Podcast With Kyle Moore.

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