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Federal government takes aim at freedom convoy funding

Several groups condemned the move. Among them was the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, which said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act without meeting the required standard.

“Governments regularly deal with difficult situations and do so by using the powers given to them by democratically elected representatives. Emergency legislation should not be generalized. It threatens our democracy and our civil liberties.” The association tweeted.

In addition, it states that such a law may only be used if a situation arises that “threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to critically protect the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada”. puts in.”

The premiers of Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan also criticized the decision, with only Ontario premier Doug Ford supporting it.

The emergency measures will also require crowdfunding platforms and their related payment services to register with FINTRAC, potentially adding another layer of oversight for suspicious transactions.

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