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If business is good, should you still consider a move?

Many advisors are coming off their best years ever, driven by increased demands from clients and increasingly in the financial markets.

So it seems strange that there has been a series of record movement over the years.

Of course, any move is disruptive, involves a ton of work, a lot of risk and is not for the faint of heart. But for those at the most difficult part of their growth curve, the calculated decision to take a step back and reevaluate is just as difficult.

Why would someone take the speed and risk and hassle of choosing to change jerseys or break for freedom when things are good?

When might it “make sense” for a rapidly growing consultant to do due diligence or even give a second thought about switching to another firm or model?

In this episode, Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond look at the incident, including:

  • Does an advisor or team succeed because of or in spite of their firm?
  • Are they and their customers best served in the current environment.
  • How overall “happiness” and satisfaction play into the decision.
  • Whether his approach to growth – both organic and inorganic – can be realized in his current firm.
  • If the business can benefit from succession planning or the possibility of inheriting a book.
  • even more.

The reality is that changing firms – when done for the right reasons – have the potential to create more opportunities for growth and serve customers. If you’re wondering at all whether “now” is the time to consider change—especially if business is good—this is the episode to listen to.

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