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Celebrity Estate: Jay Leno and the Plan for the Classic Car Collection

Jay Leno spent 22 years hosting “The Tonight Show” before being inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. His prized collection includes about 286 vehicles: 169 cars and 117 motorcycles, all of which pose little challenge in terms of estate planning.

In this episode, David Lennox is joined by Peter Newman, CEO and CIO of Chrome Strategies Steve Linden, to discuss the plan that comes with such a large collection of increasingly valuable assets. They reveal what to consider when planning with a large collection of assets, and detail the differences in planning and storing pieces depending on the type of collection.

Peter and Steve discuss:

  • what is considered a collectible;
  • the advantage of determining the value of collections prior to asset placement;
  • difficulties encountered during collection; And
  • The importance of maintaining the integrity of the collection.

Connect with Peter Newman and Steve Linden:

Connect with David Lennox:

About our guest:

Peter Newman has spent 30+ years in the commodity and financial markets. He has played a leading role in sales and trading with two powerhouse firms in the area of ​​Commodity and Commodity Linked Structure. He specializes in risk management advisory, and product integration across multiple asset classes. Peter is an integral part of the firm’s industry leading revenue, business development and league tables.

Steve Lyndon is the founder and CIO of Chrome Strategies Management, LLC. CSM is an alternative asset manager established in 2015 to advise and manage Chrome Fund I LLC. TCF is a closed-end private equity fund that exclusively invests in both the short- and long-term global portfolio of vintage and collector and Concor-level motorcars.

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