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CPA Canada research shows the impact of fraud on Canadians

Furthermore, compared to five years ago, 62% of respondents claimed that they are currently doing more in terms of fraud prevention.

Despite increased knowledge, concern and action, there is always room for improvement, especially in the area of ​​password security.

Nearly a quarter (26%) of those polled write down their financial passwords on paper. Eighteen percent of people save them to a computer file, and 17% have them via an app on their phone or tablet.

The survey noted that one-quarter of respondents (25%) change internet passwords required for personal information less than once a year, while 8% never change passwords for important information.

To keep people’s financial information as secure as possible, CPA Canada issued a reminder to change passwords on a regular basis. He also said that people should be careful while disclosing personal information, strengthen passwords, keep an eye on illegal activities and have an idea of ​​their credit rating.

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