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How the simple act of recognition can help struggling employees

“A simple correction that has a big impact – expressing appreciation – is nowhere near where it should be. It is a proven fact that recognition has a positive impact and there are many more factors that affect a business’s culture and its bottom line. can help improve the line. Organizations will have to lean into their ‘thank you’ muscles, or they will continue to say goodbye to their employees, says Chris French, executive vice president of WorkHuman.

According to another survey, stress levels at the start of the pandemic are much higher than they are today.

excellent resignation letter

According to the report, employers would be wise to address the issue when considering continuing the “great resignation”. Thirty-six percent of workers are looking to change jobs by November, compared to 38 percent in June, and still very high compared to 21 percent in December 2019.

Half of employees (50 percent) have seen an increase in people leaving their organization. And of those who saw growth, 26 percent even considered leaving their organization, and 19 percent doubted the sustainability of their employer’s business.

However, nearly two-thirds of workers (62 percent) say they would return to their former employer if they could get better pay (38 percent) and benefits (23 percent) and do meaningful work (16 percent). Will.

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