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#FASuccess Podcast: Robin Crane on Identifying Your Ideal Customers

Welcome to episode 253 of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast!

My guest on today’s podcast is Robin Crane. Robin is the founder of her own eponymous consulting firm, which provides sales and marketing coaching services with a focus on female financial advisors.

What is unique about Robin, however, is her well-defined vision of how a financial advisor can better identify the ideal type of client they want to work with, and then reach appointments with qualified leads. And implement a repeatable system to book. Fit into their ideal customer profile.

In this episode, we talk in-depth about why Robin feels this way, although consultants generally excel at delivering on their promise of providing the best service to their clients, what they value most. The help needed is generating new leads and then turning those leads into qualified prospects, how Robin sees the challenges the financial advice industry faces around gender diversity, not just a hiring problem to be solved Not as, but as a structural issue that prevents women from feeling complete as mentors, and why Robin feels it is the key to making a fundamental impact on gender diversity in the industry by making women their ideal clients. To help them identify and replicate their practices so that they can tailor their practices.

We also talk about the specifics of Robin’s system, called the TAG Challenge, that consultants can use to book up to five quality appointments in five days, even if they don’t have enough business to generate referrals. No Existing Book, How Robin Teach You to Recognize Mentors Specific People “cloning” either an existing ideal customer, someone in their network who wouldn’t normally work with them, or an ideal customer persona they can find online, and the simple strategy recommended by Robin to use. She goes. The cold lead on LinkedIn really motivates them to respond and engage with them.

And be sure to listen to the ending, where Robin shares the script he teaches consultants to use during their first meeting with cold leadership to learn about their aspirations and pain points Robyn shares with her advisor clients in marketing and marketing. Why Teaches Sales Techniques is particularly suited to women mentors who want to grow and enhance their practices, and how Robin found that the simple act of “borrowing someone else’s trust” when she doubted herself. Helped him see better results and enjoy greater success for himself as a business owner.

So whether you’re interested in learning how Robin uses ‘indirect messaging’ to reach cold contacts via LinkedIn, why financial advisors should consider writing a book, or how to build ‘instant expertise’ If you should and should start getting noticed by the prospects, we hope you enjoy this episode of The Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Robin Crane.

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