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Leadership team changed in Big Six Bank

The heiress parent is Mary Chantal Gingras (pictured above, right), who will join the president’s office on April 1 as chief financial officer and executive vice president — finance. Gingara will be in charge of accounting, finance, strategic planning. , procurement, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, capital management, taxation, investor relations, and financial governance in her new role.

Since April 2021, Gingras has served as Senior Vice President – Financial Accounting. Since joining the Bank in 1998, he has held multiple roles in finance, covering most activities at the entity including financial accounting, corporate financial planning, capital, portfolio of initiatives and financial performance management, enabling him to complete a range of functions. There is understanding. ,

He has also served as Head of Internal Audit and Vice President of Personal and Commercial Banking Performance, Risk and Support.

Ferreira said he was “delighted” as he welcomed Gingras into the president’s office.

“His broad knowledge of the bank, excellent strategic vision, organizational agility and often demonstrated ability to exercise positive leadership are key assets to the organization and make him an ideal candidate for the position,” he said.

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