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Women favor equality but their second choice may surprise you

The results show that equities are the preferred asset class of the respondents, especially domestic stock which is held by 41% while foreign stock is held by 23%.

The second most popular option for current holdings (36%) – and the number one option for assets that respondents plan to hold in the future (35%) – are cryptocurrencies.

Domestic bonds (25%), alternative investments (23%), cash (21%), commodities (14%), foreign bonds (13%), and currencies (11%) make up the most assets held by female investors. .

About half of the respondents have only started investing in the last two years, with nearly a fifth citing long-term financial security, and a similar portion focusing on financial freedom to retire earlier.

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When asked where the best investment opportunities would come from in the next three months, respondents cited green energy and MAMA (Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet) stocks.

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