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Canadians are twice as likely to have been scammed, says RBC

According to the report, 54% say that it is more difficult than ever to detect when an email, text or online ad is a scam, and 47% believe they are masquerading as scammers. rapidly targeted.

One-third, or 33%, of those surveyed disclosed that they know family members or close acquaintances who have been scammed online in the past year.

Kevin Purkis, vice president of fraud management at RBC, said, “It is important to recognize that anyone can be a victim of fraud. Our research shows that 18% of respondents said they were unable to tell if they were a victim of fraud. Shame on someone.”

And it’s not just the number of fraud attempts that are on the rise; The amount of money lost in fraud is also increasing.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC) reported that fraud losses reached $379 million in 2021, up from $160 million in 2020. Investment scams top the list when it comes to financial losses.

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