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Honoramp CEO Tyrone Ross Jr leaves the firm

Tyrone Ross Jr. is leaving his role as chief executive officer of Onramp Invest, a cryptocurrency portfolio aggregation platform for financial advisors, according to a letter and an open letter sent to the company’s clients. published on medium by Ross.

Onramp co-founder Eric Erwin, CEO of blockchain investment firm Blockforce Capital and former head of the RealityShares ETF, will assume leadership at the crypto education and access provider.

Ross’ tenure at OnRamp lasted 19 months, and saw the startup grow At least $6 million in seed funding and partner with firms like advizone, To take risk And Ritholtz Wealth Managementwho is also an investor in the firm.

“That’s not how I see it coming to an end and change isn’t easy, but it’s always necessary,” Ross wrote in an open letter noting his departure from the firm. “I wish Eric [Ervin] And the team continues to have success as they move forward in this emerging space. I am unquestionably confident that Onramp will continue to be the industry leader in crypto education and access to RIAs.”

Ross remains a fierce advocate of crypto investing and his enthusiasm has earned him a spot on’s. 2019 Ten To Watch List, “If it means I take the back arrow because people think I am crazy, or I could lose my job because I am talking about crypto, I am willing to do that, because I am sure that This is the future of financial services,” he said in an interview three years ago.

A few months later, he became the public face of OnRamp.

Ross and Ervin apparently differed on their strategy to grow OnRamp, according to an email provided to customers.,

“It takes a lot to start a company, but it needs to grow more; And here’s Eric [Ervin] And I proceed on the way forward to Onramp,” said Ross, positioning his departure as “Do”.[ing] What’s best for the company.”

“My goal is to be at the forefront of crypto education for advisors,” he said.

“Our entire team is grateful to Tyrone” [Ross Jr.] Everything he has done and contributed to make Onramp become what it is because it is truly the most recognizable and influential cryptoasset platform in the RIA space. That said, we are incredibly excited for the opportunity that still lies ahead of us,” Ervine said.

Ross “will take time to decompose and assess the new opportunities,” he said. “I look forward to the next chapter in my journey of building a legacy for my family.”

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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